Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wah I wanna die ady

my brain is gonna explode soon. Had to stop before it explodes, or else my roommate's gonna have a hard time cleaning up the mess.

I ran just now - from the spot of the lorong leading up to my room to the end of the lorong, stretched, and ran back to the spot. I think all it took was 10 seconds. Hahaha.

I need a cute notebook to jot down my wonderful random thoughts. Finally the randomness is back!

But very scared la exam is in freaking 8 days I've studied almost everything (I think) but nothing seems to be inside this pea brain :( Need to upgrade brain capacity.

Oiii why my movies are not downloading wannn!

My laptop, minus the battery, is sitting on top of the cooling pad on top of a pink file on top of my bed. I'm sitting on the floor typing this out. The spot on my table where the laptop used to reside is occupied by my Organic Chemistry notes and past year papers.

I can't believe it isn't even 6pm. Feels like an eternity sitting at the desk stuffing my peabrain like yong tau foo ahhhhh.

The Bonesetter's Daughter is really nice. I read it during breakfast every morning. About 1/5th more to go.

I was just done searching for the beneficial effects of green tea in Google scholar, and also why it poses such a great diuretic effect on human *cough. Apparently it contains this compound theophylline which will increase blood flow to the kidneys, hence more wastes enters the urine and voila.

After my stretches it's back to studying again *cringe

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aimee said...

eh, the bonesetter's daughter is my book ar? LOL why take so long to read? it's better than the joy luck club.

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