Saturday, March 5, 2011

Studying science is cool!

Especially when you pay a bit more attention to nutrition! You can be your own doctor lol!

For example, you can guess the reason of your indigestion: eating fatty food and then proceed to ice-cream and cold drink.

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The fats from the fatty food will coagulate due to the coldness of the ice-cream and cold drink. Imagine all the solid fats swimming in your gastric juice eew. Does this produce gas? No idea. So you have no idea whether 3 cups of Eno helps. In order to break down all these solid fats eew, you drink tea. Of course, the best choice would be black tea (pu er) but green tea will do cuz green tea is also tea and green tea helps in slimming down.

I still don't understand though, how does indigestion cause fever and headache? Luckily for 650mg Panadol.

I don't like indigestion T_____T

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