Saturday, March 19, 2011


1315's Improvisation, Yiruma

While editing a project, I went online to check on the referencing style of Harvard, but the line was totally horribleterriblevegetable that it did not load at all. So while waiting (unfruitful) I checked out my old blog cuz my new blog (this) is boring haha.

Ahhhh memories. Don't you just love 'em :)

How on earth was I able to write like the brain is connected to my fingers? I think right now my axons has been severed, and looking at the rate the axons grow (few mm per day) I think I'll have to wait for years for it to grow back, looking at how long my arms are, proportion-wise.

Now as I think more and more of the past I get sadder :(

That me was so different from this me. That me didn't have to worry about assignments, projects, exams, quizzes, social life. (Srsly I don't worry about exams because I believe that if I give my best, I will get what's best for me. F6 also no homework wan mah.) That me only had to worry about... I dunno, what did I worry about? I was so happy-go-lucky. I went with the flow. I studied like shxt then worked like shxt and earned money as meagre as shxt complained like shxt but I was happy.

I used to be so random, so spontaneous, so confident, have better memory (as compared to now), more motivated, give my 110% in everything I do, so innocent (in a way), so child-like, good at smiling and laughing and singing.

I also used to be so blunt in my words, not knowing how to treat or speak to adults, not knowing how to behave in public properly (despite the constant nasihat by parents hahaha), don't really know how to smile without creasing my eyes or laugh without sounding empty.

...sigh. Why past tense?

Everyday I participate - but the it doesn't end there. Also I observe. I think. Maybe I can learn or pick up a thing or two from there. Maybe this can be applied at this or that situation. Maybe that shouldn't be practiced. Maybe this, maybe that. I tried to change, I really do. But. Or maybe I am just too impatient. Or it can't be changed.

(The website is still not loading laaaa!)

What is it in a person that can and cannot be changed, besides the genes?


OMGGGG RELAY FOR LIFEEEE!!! But I don't know whether can go this year or not :/ CHICKEN DANCEEEEE!!! Nehmine can at least for PG's hehehe :) Oh I also remember the 'I love you' hahahaha damn fail XD

This comic never fails to make me laugh like an idiot in front of the comp.


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