Sunday, February 13, 2011

#14 to #16

#14 To someone I've drifted away from
Dear YP, R, ZJ, SS, PF, I,

Drifting away is part of the process of finding yourself, but I can't help but still feel sad that I've drifted away from you. Would't it be great that I can still keep a great relationship with everyone I meet?

I can confidently say that the reason we've drifted away is not due to change of class, but that we are a step closer to finding our true self and happiness. Thank you for being there all those years, you've guided that me to become this me.


#15 To the person I miss the most
Dear primary school friends,

I don't remember 90% of what had happened during my primary school days, and I don't remember 99% of the people I've hung out with, but I definitely remember the innocence and sheer happiness of going for PJK and children's day and the cute funny rumours we always spread :) You guys are totally awesome!


#16 To someone that's not in my state/country
Dear Eggy,

Can you believe that we could be such great friends in secondary school? I don't think I've talked to you much during primary school! And now I miss talking to you la! The rare (my bad) times we actually talked virtually doesn't count. I can't wait to see you soon! You better come back soon!


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