Thursday, January 20, 2011

Septemberise, Yiruma

Happy Thaipusam! Such a glaring afternoon. I love glaring afternoons cuz that's how afternoons should be.

Tons of photos for Tambun and Autocity trip as well as PharmNight, but I'm just too lazy to upload the photos and blog about it haha. Oh but I will. Soon. Remind me not to procrastinate.

Anyways! Last night I received this bouquet of sweets from SMay! Hahaha so sweet of her :)

What's in it? A Cloud 9, a Chupa Chups (I hope it's nothing creamy. Creamy sweets are not sweets!), and two choki choki, which used to be so ancient after I went to secondary school, but now not so ancient as you can see it everywhere! Vintage is the latest trend. SMay's friend Miyeko loves it to the extent that she spread it on her bread like jam hahaha.

I wasn't there when the bouquet arrived. Jia Li took it for me. The delivery girl was looking for Sofia Zee and JL told her Sofia Zee is not around hahahaha so funny for people to refer to me as Sofia.


I'm not sure whether I told you that I forgot to bring my camera-to-comp cable, but yeah I forgot to bring my camera-to-comp cable. I was initially a little confused - how can I forget such important thing! - but then I realised my darling Chilli has already prepared for my confusion.

Yeah, baby! An SD card reader! I love you lappie despite you only have two USB plug and you hurt my eyes <3 * Oh yeah, my phone died-ed. I accidentally poured water on it wtf. I didn't know Nokia phones don't swim. It was dead for 24hrs+ then it revived, but only half-alive cuz now # 1, 2, 7, and 8 number keys cannot be used wtf. The other spare phone is also half-alive but it can't read messages wtf?

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