Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eve of NYE

My internet speed is tortoise-like. Is it because I'm loading 3 episodes of 超级星光大道 at once? :(

It's December 30th, the eve of New Year's Eve. Up till now I haven't composed any New Year Resolutions. Seem to be so overwhelmed with so many things!

Played with mixing today. Dispensing is like cooking. Even Rx means recipe in Latin! You dump all ingredients into a mortar and you triturate (to mix using mortar and pestle) and voila! You get something!

Attended Jazz Band's 14th annual concert yesterday evening. It was great! Well to be honest one can't expect too much from amateur musicians but man! The ambience is totally great! They played more songs than those listed on the programme. Some really stuck, for example Scanalatura which is a rhythmic improvisation, featuring cajuns, gendang sunda, conga and drums (they are instruments). Oh and clapping! Throughout the music it's only rhythm. Super duper cool rhythm. A budding band, First Step, was the guest performer, and guess how old is the drummer? 11! Oh and aso Death Ray Boogie, says on the programme it is a boogie woogie. This was totally jaw-dropping mad. Imagine, 4 person on a single piano! They played duet continuously, exchanging partners, for about I think 5 minutes? for 2 rounds and then one by one they squeeze at the piano together to play. The Prof even played with his feet LOL. Aaand! Chicken Dance! :D

Someday I'm so gonna attend live gigs. Live music is very different from recorded music. It lifts your mood much better than the latter!

YC is finally back, and she's visiting PG next week! She called me during the concert, and initially I decided to only call her today, but she called me at around 12+am and we talked for 1:07:13 hahaha. So many to share: her life in Sporeland, her discovery, my discovery, gossips, everything. GOSH!

I wanna go countdown tomorrow. I think it's sad to spend NYE in a foreign (sort of) land when you have so many peers around you.

Oh yeah 31/12 is a holiday because Malaysia won the Suzuki cup. Lol. I love Malaysia for its love of excess and unnecessary (but much loved) holidays.

Also! Vitamin C really helps healing of cold better!

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