Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biphenyl in the library

It's super super hot right now outside (that explains the fringe), and over at the hostel there is electricity shortage as TNB is doing some stuff with it. So here I am, as you can see, back in my 2nd Nth home the library, copying Organic Chemistry notes and blogging at the same time hahaha.

Woke up a little late today, at 8.45am. Was supposed to be at Chem lab to weigh some powder we made yesterday and measure its melting point. After 38ing at dosage lab (I shall gaodim my labels soon...) I went to QB at around 10+am to get some essential stuff.

Before I take the bus to QB I went to photocopy some notes at the photocopy shop just beside Lida cafe. The uncle is like the nicest photocopy uncle ever. I told him I was waiting for the bus, and that if the bus hadn't come I would take my photocopied notes from him right away. And as I was waiting at the bus stop, the uncle came out (kinda of huffin' puffin') and gave me the notes. OMG SO NICE OF HIM! <3

I came back from QB at around 12pm. Can you believe that I can actually finish my shopping in less than an hour, AND got up the FIRST bus back to USM after just waiting for like, 10 minutes?! Miracle!

After that went back to hostel to put back stuff and take some stuff, to school for briefing on the change of programme flow (great... script brainstorming again), then now here I am in the library.

I totally forgot I have volleyball later, or else I wouldn't lug my Chilli along and could've bring my pants along, thought I would camp in the library till night time and then back to school for another round of rehearsal. Oh well. More walking = more exercise.

Tomorrow's D-DAY!

I'm not sure whether I'm hungry. I have bad hunger receptors.

p/s Thursday is s'posed to be Happy Lab Day but lecturer isn't around.

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