Sunday, January 9, 2011

Audition take 2, fail!

Innocent, Taylor Swift

GTO and I auditioned for 劲歌热舞high翻天 organised by Chinese Society of USM. Our choice of songs: Lady Antebellum's Need You Now and Aaliyah's Journey to the Past. What was funny was that I forgot my lyrics and blanked out - and I made up lyrics hahaha. Like, instead of "and I wonder if I ever cross your mind", I sang ""...if I ever close your eyes" hahahaha. And in the second song, I blanked out again, and cut and paste the phrases from all over the song - and GTO didn't know what I was trying to do and we ended up laughing hahahaha :P The judges asked us to sing solo, and sing together again.

Obviously we didn't get in laaa.

I guess the nearest encounter I can get with a mic is in the karaoke room haha.

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boon said...

Someone is going to be a STAR! :)

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