Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sem II eve

Looking Back, Yiruma

Blogging from USM!

I'm done cleaning the room. Somehow a used toilet paper roll got its way onto roommate's shelf, so I helped myself with it and cleaned the shelves and drawers and table and cupboard. Done unpacking my stuff: food, books, some clothes, other stuff. Took my shower and slept on roommate's bed cuz I don't have a tilam wtf. Got a call from my mom, read a few pages of Before I Forget by Andre Brink, did not solve 21/12's nonogram (too difficult), finished one 太阳饼, daydreamed, and decided to go online after all.

So yes, done with shopping list, I'm supposed to dish out some random photos (if I ever do capture any) but somehow the USB plug is somewhere missing either at home or in the store -__-;;

Or I should proceed with some self-reflections, since 2011 is only a few days away.

Oiii. No internet access. Iiiish.

This new semester seems to be full of lectures and lectures and lectures. I'm almost packed for the whole week!

These are what I'll be studying next semester:
FAR 161: Basic Pharmacology and Immunology
FAR 112: Organic Chemistry I
FAR 122: Dosage Form I
FAR 141: Peripheral Nervous System and Therapy
FAR 153: Communication Skill in Pharmacy Practice
SHE 101: Ethnic Relations
HTU 223: Islamic and Asian Civilisations

I'm down with flu but still much better compared to the days before. Was a few minutes/hours feverish and sore throat for a day. I swear by Strepsils! :P

I cannot stress enough how important a tilam is to human civilisation.

Also, my watch is out of battery life.

It's almost 6 now. Going out for dinner later. Ciao.

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