Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Name is Khan

...and I'm not a terrorist!

This is such a tear jerker, especially towards the end *sobs

It started off with Rizvan Khan sitting by a bus stop somewhere in America, writing a letter to his beloved wife Mandira. He is on his way to meet the President of the US of A, to tell him, "My name is Khan, and I'm not a terrorist." Oh, and to rally a message from J. Marshall, "Howdy."

Rizvan is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a high-functioning kind of autism. However, in my opinion, he is more autistic than Asperger. In the letter he writes about all the things he wanted to tell his wife but couldn't - his family, his childhood, his problems, his emotions and thoughts, and his journey to meeting Mr. President.

Life before and after 9/11 was drastically different. It was all joy and bliss for him with his family - Mandira and her son, Sameer - until it happened. They face injustice racist remarks, and was condemned due to their religion. A horrible incident dawned upon them (not gonna tell what!), which brought Rizvan to embark on his journey. Along the way he was nearly broke (only $2.46 in his account) and had to "repair almost anything" to earn a living - he was very good with machineries. In Wilhemina, Georgia, he repaired Funny Hair Joel's knees and prevented overbleeding, and hence is tremendously loved by Mama Jenny. He was mistaken as a terrorist and was sent to jail. He provided information on the real terrorists. He helped out in the Hurrican Molly disaster back in Georgia. And along the way, his faith for his God did not waver.

It is such a shame that we automatically label someone as "bad" or "evil" simply based on their skin colour, or name, or family background - things that cannot be changed. That it is so easy to generalise the whole population or even a religion as "evil" just because of some screwed-up brains. It is even more heartbreaking that we do not take that extra effort to understand and to love these people of the population.

Thought the movie would be in English LOL but Wikipedia says it's in Hindi. My first Bollywood movie that does not feature people dancing in the rain! XD

Great movie, worth your 161 minutes :)

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