Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Letters for Emily - Camron Wright

There will be times when you are minding your own business, hurting no one. Then someone will come along and sting you. You have two choices. One is to get angry and waste days of your life swatting at anyone who looks threatening; if you do, you'll find when you're through, you've accomplished nothing. The better path is to protect yourself the best you can, and then enjoy your garden. When you get stung, it will hurt; you may cry and wonder what you have done to deserve such treatment. Let it end there. Take a deep breath, place a dab of wet mud on the sting, wipe your tears, and put a smile back on your face. Turn back to your garden and enjoy the beauty before you.

____ is very much like gourmet cooking. The ingredients we are given are often the same as those that others receive. It is how those ingredients are put together - the detail, the time, nd the presentation - that make the difference. While some make pudding, others take just a bit more time, go to a little extra trouble, present their creations properly, and create something sumptuous (chocolate souffle).

____ life, there will be people who will throw dirt on you. If you shake it off and don't let it build up, like that old mule, you'll be able to rise above those dark situations that will occur in your life.


We'd till - I learned that good preparation is vital.
We'd plant - I learned to sow hope.
We'd talk - I learned that I was loved.
We'd fertilise - I learned to give back, not just to take.
We'd water - I learned that, as plants need water, sunshine and soil, we also need balance in our lives.
We'd hoe - I learned that if it is not removed, evil can soon choke out the good.
We'd watch - I learned patience.
We'd pray - I learned that everything in life is a blessing.
We'd thin - I learned that we all need space to expand and grow.
We'd prune - I learned that to grow the sweetest fruit, we sometimes need to be cut back.
We'd harvest - I learned that hard work can reap bounteous rewards.
We'd thank - I learned humility.

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