Thursday, October 21, 2010


14/10/10, Thursday

Sushi King RM2 bonanza.

RM5, Fried salmon. Not quite heavenly as it's too oily, but still it's salmon.

Half of us. (L-R) Gaik Tian, Wendy, me, Qian Xin
16-7/10/10, Friday & Saturday

Tiring. 阿姨,姨丈and MKee sis brought me to witness the procession of 九王爷 near the apartment MKee sis rents.

In the evening.

At night.

Look at the wide angle! x3

Along the road food stalls were set up, and in an empty lot a makeshift temple was there, crowded with people and smoke. Then the procession.

21/10/10, Thursday

Physiology quiz 2. Well it was okay, could be better. There were some parts I accidentally skipped, hmph :/ Well! Least I know where I should improve.

Later going to Perangin Mall to look for sponsorship for farm Pharm Night!

No it was unsuccessful -.-;;

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