Friday, October 8, 2010

Of Toilet Bowl meal! and stuff.

School stuff
I am classless for the rest of the semester! Now I'm left with 2 more labs for Physiology and Chemistry, 1 more tutorial for Chemistry, and 2 more presentations for Statistics and Public Health! And, woot, it's roughly less than month to exam wtf. It's only now that I realise there are so many things to study for in 30 days. OMG.

Jazz Band's Tawau Project - We Care Finale Charity Concert is on 21/10. Prior to this concert, there are altogether 5 gigs in the nice nice cafes in USM. I wanna go to the concert!


Today @ QB

Went to QB (again) with SMay, she wanted to get 1. formal wear 2. swimming suit (if possible). In the end she didn't get what she want. Hahaha.

We had lunch in T-Bowl, a restaurant on the concept of - guess what? - toilet! I ordered Fried Rice (Vegetarian) a la Japanese while SMay ordered Fried Yee Mee a la Japanese. Hers was nicer than mine, she had a piece of unagi!!! *jealous Since the waitress recommended their famous 便便雪糕, we ordered one as well, kiwi flavour. It's a shit twisted vanilla + chocolate ice-cream on a piece of toasted burger bread, top up with another piece of toasted burger bread, and comes along with a love letter and waffle biscuit. It was wonderfulwonderfulwonderful. And not expensive either! (Less than RM6, I recall.)

And then just before we went back we saw Q-bean, specialised in selling soy food - soy milk, soy milk drink/ice-blended in different flavours, tau foo fah, soy pancake (quite expensive though), soy ice-cream. Soy ice-cream is overly sweet but yum!

There goes 2000kcal -.-;;

One thing I like about QB is that it is filled with small- and mid-sized boutiques (oh and Nichii and Kitschen :), and unlike in KL, the boutiques here sell really pretty clothes! Srsly man, why can't KL boutiques get nicer clothes.


Tomorrow's Jac's birthday! Today we're gonna celebrate for her (it's customary), and tomorrow I'm going for her surprise birthday party at Harvest Inn, Georgetown (wherever that is)!

I am gonna wear a dress o__O

There goes another 1000kcal.


Today @ Tesco
Due to my newfound love for soy, I bought soy milk packet drinks so that I have another choice besides Tesco chocolate drink, Omega Plus not-very-nice milk, oat, and Tesco spirulina cereal drink. But Tesco is out of carrots today :(

And I bought Merci Petits chocolate with 72% cocoa and gonna-expire-in-December Hershey's chocolate with hazelnut. Cuz (good quality) chocolate does make me happy :)


Shopping Desire List
  • Large handbag!
  • Dressssss.
  • Cute pair of shoes.
  • Be thin and fit sigh :(


Jeen said...

Zee Honey! Seems like we have something in common. I noticed our wish lists (desire list, you called it) are somehow similar!

Sofia.Zee said...

We should SO go shopping soon!

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