Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy birthday Jaclyn!

9th October, Jaclyn's birthday (and Gladys's).

At midnight we celebrated for her in her room!

Candles on the cake box lol.
Cake from Maxim
She fed us all (it's customary) cheesecake, the one with the heart shape chocolate. It was delish.

And that night,

Part of the attendees.
(L-R) Miao Hui; me; Hui Yi; Kit Yee; Shu Wei; Qian Xin; Sok Teng; Soo Hui

We all dressed up (pun intended). Some of them who don't have dresses either bought it, or borrowed from Jayne. I borrowed my shoes from Smay hahaha.

Smiling birthday girl :)
We went to Harvest In Cafe at Georgetown for her surprise birthday dinner!

She thought there were only 3 of them for the dinner, mana tau 10 people turned up! Oh and add another 4, coming all the way from KL.

Jaclyn was blindfolded all the way to the restaurant, and 3 followed Jayne's car, sitting very quietly behind. She didn't know how they ended up in the restaurant! And another 3 of us followed her KL friend's car, and she didn't know how we got there either lol.

Jalan Irrawady actually consists of new colonial style houses, so this restaurant perhaps was originally a residential home. It was decorated tastefully with navy blue-and-white abstract art pieces , lit with dreamy orange lights. And in order to dine in this restaurant you have to reserve seats! Can you believe that at 9.30pm the restaurant was still full and there are still people coming in!

Cream of mushroom soup
The bun is very very very soft. Omg. And it's true mushroom soup, as in it's not from Campbell and you can actually taste chunks of carrots and potatoes!

Our main course
Mine was Catch of the Day, served with vegetables, some kind of orange-coloured sauce and butter rice. The fish was so-so, the sauce was very very creamy and reminded me of PBJ LOL, and the butter rice was slightly dry :/

Dessert! Tiramisu cake OR peach jelly with vanilla ice-cream
Happy happy birthday girl
It took Jaclyn's friends like 1 1/2 hours to reach to the restaurant, by then we have finished our dessert. Her friends came in, one carrying a huge DSLR another a guitar another cupcakes and another gift (bracelet). They sang two songs, of which after that Jaclyn cried out of happiness :')

I must admit la, I was envious :P

Cute cupcakes! Heard it was specially ordered woot.

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