Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fire, QB, & Stuff

I think, if it's not for my roommate, I would've died in the fire.

Some of us were sleeping soundly. I would say many were still awake. Both of us were sleeping already, me being exceptionally tired.

JL opened the door in the middle of the night and I was woken up by all the scuffle and a loud loud loud ringing. People were running / walking briskly to the lifts / stairs. I was thinking, "Fire? No, wait, fire drill, is it?" but I was too groggy to think twice. I didn't know what to take, so whatever JL is taking (keys and phone) i took em too. We walked 9 floors down and gathered in the middle of the road. Hahahaha and guess what it IS a fire drill!

I heard the boys had it at 4am. Hahahaha. This is like the most realistic (in a way) fire drill ever! So cool :D


Today after class JLPY, NSH and me went to QB, initially to watch movie. Mana tau we waited for freaking 1 hour for the bus, and we were too late for Eat, Pray. Love :( 2nd choice was Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps but the next screening time was too late. So we actually walked for 2 hours before settling in Wong Kok Kitchen (NOT Wong Kok Char Chan Teng), talked some more, and then came back at 9pm lol. So now I'm here typing this away.

JLPY loves maxi dress toooo! I would say that while the bigger shops like Nichii don't sell clothes as nice as back home, the little boutiques here are good :)

And I'm going to QB again with SMay on Friday hahahaha. The only way to mengisi masa lapang for KLites, hahahaha.

I think there are a few things I need to buy, as well as stocking up on my foods. Apples!


Exams coming soon. Classes ending soon. 1 more day of lab, 2 more hours of lectures, and I'll be having my full study month. I need to immerse myself more in the library. Yay? Perhaps I need an MP3 player too, hahahaha :P But I did download Eat, Pray, Love audio book!

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