Thursday, October 28, 2010

1748, PHS I

It's 5.42pm. The library is quiet except for the sounds of the lift as it stops on a floor; the creaking sound of the spinning chair; the sound of keyboards; the sound of shoes hitting on the tiled floor; and the relatively loud chatter of a bunch of friends at my very right hand side. I'm freezing nearly into a huge snowman I mean snow girl.

There is quiz later at night. I would much prefer studying 24/7 rather than stopping for 5 minutes thinking of where to have my dinner later. It's so easy to have someone else to decide your meals for you. But then again, why let someone else decide for you?

Uhh, wait, I think someone decided my dinner tonight.


Aand! I found out that the sockets in the library does not charge the battery of the laptops; instead it lets it run without a battery.

My hands are freeeeezing.

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