Saturday, August 28, 2010

Over the holiday of Week 7


Smay, JL, neighbour CYing and I went to Wanderer's weekly meeting for the first time in their HQ just outside Sg 2. Wanderer is a society/group of students sharing the same passion in composing songs. JL and CYing are interested in taking up guitar and maybe even drum. Overall it was okay. First it was some informal warm-up, next 2 performers performed the songs of Wanderer. Later we proceeded to briefings on their lantern festival celebration which will be held on 22/9 in Esplanade (near Jetty); Wanderer T-shirts; showcasing new compositions by members of Wanderers; Merdeka quiz. We shared to buy the CD released by them, it wasn't much of my taste, but I must say it is good effort to put together their passion and showcasing them.

Next JL, Smay and I went to Tesco for some grocery shopping. These are what I bought: bookends yesyesyesfinally; a tin of Jacob's Hi-Salt Low Fibre Hi-Fibre Low Salt biscuits; Tesco chocolate drink; potato bread!!!!!; apples!!!!!; prunes (instead of raisins lol); personal hygiene stuff.

Senior LYK called me in the middle of a Chemistry report discussion to ask me to go down to the cafe to have steamboat and CAKE. The 3 of us went to ask the whole floor of Pharmacy 1st year students to go down. Apparently the seniors were celebrating someone's birthday, and since they couldn't finish the food they asked us to come down haha. A rice cooker is used as a steamboat, and they forgot to add veges LOL. Cake is bee-shaped, chocolate flavour and from Secret Recipe, ahhhh bliss :) LYK wanted to borrow scissors from me, so I went up to my room and just in front of my room door, when I touched my pocket to look for the keys, I realised I didn't bring them. So I had to go all the way down back to the cafe get the keys from JL and go all the way up again to open the door and get the scissors, some great exercise lol.

The next day is JL's birthday but we decided to celebrate it for her at 12am. Plan: SHwa come and borrow notes. After chit-chatting the bunch of them march in to sing happy birthday. JL seemed so calm I thought she already knew!


Went to BJ Complex with WUS members: Smay again, YChien, YZhang and JiaoW. BJ is like Prangin Mall, many small stores selling clothes and shoes and gifts and small stalls selling cellphones. However it's more of a Malay area hence the things sold there aren't of our taste. Oh but we did discover a shop selling containers (and other stuff like hardwares) cheaply! We were surveying prices for the soft toy we are going to sell in the expo, which will be held 27-29 September.

For lunch we went to a hawker centre just outside the complex, and we thought of ordering 2 or 3 plates of 大炒 as we saw a stall with the name 夜猫子大炒. Mana tau they only cook individual meals, and the portion is considered small - it's just enough for me! So in the end we ordered 4 plates to be shared among 5 people LOL: 鸳鸯 (SO DIFFERENT!!!),伊府面 (it's dark dark dark dark brown mee, which has a very different texture than the normal noodle, and a very strange but still edible taste),福建炒 (just normal noodle + beehoon with sauce),咸鱼炒饭.

YC is leaving to Singapore TOMORROW!


Happy birthday Boon!


Early morning we headed to Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged in Taman Jubilee. The foster parent for our group is Uncle Tan, 75-year-old Penangite who likes Malay food, can joget, and loves to sing! He just went to the Home a few months ago. He's pretty healthy, only has high blood pressure. We promised that we would bring the foods that he like the next time we're going: nasi kandar, mooncake (plain lotus paste), and raya kuih!

Later we walked to a nearby hawker centre, which has LOTS of stalls selling various foods, and there is a morning market just beside the hawker centre!

And after that we walked back to our hostel, which we thought is just a 5-minute walk away - actually it's a 5-minute drive lol.


Happy Merdeka Eve!


JL and I had breakfast at Nasi Kandar Istimewa, a large mamak shop another block away. I had tosai telur while she had roti telur. It was the first tosai I've ever tasted so I had nothing to compare with. It's a large triangle thin brown roti with egg spreaded inside. It tastes sour lol, but I got used to the taste pretty fast.

Later I went to HEP situated at almost the other end of USM just to ask two questions and get two sentence of answers lol. But I did found a shortcut to the swimming pool, and the restaurant people say it's nice but slightly expensive.

And after studying in the cold library (forgot my cardigan) I ran in Tasik Biawak Harapan. It wasn't as tough a run as the last time I ran, but it was good to have a good sweat :)

I wanna spend my country's 53rd birthday in the swimming pool!

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