Saturday, August 21, 2010

Over the weekend of Week 6


Mega steamboat and bbq in The Steamboat Restaurant located on Macalister Road, Georgetown. 42 of us went by bus. The steamboat cost RM18 per head. It is served in buffet style, where at the entrance is where all the foods are: veges, fresh fish fillets, marinated chicken fillets, seafood, beef cuts, fish balls, fish cakes etc. Alongside that row are dimsum, salad, sauces and desserts - cakes and ice-cream. Also there are 2 stalls serving ABC and laksa.

As for the steamboat, clear soup and tomyam soup are provided. The tomyam soup is seriously not for the weak! (It's still not bad though.) However we ate more of bbq as our steamboat took a long time to boil. The marinated chicken was good! So were the fish fillets. Dimsum was superb, too bad I didn't have enough stomach to hold all of them!

Later we walked about 15 minutes to Prangin Mall, situated at the ground floor of Komtar tower, and strolled about 30 minutes before we returned to the steamboat restaurant to board the bus back to campus. Prangin Mall is moderate in size but humongous in number of shops, not to mention it is cheap shopping over there!


Went to Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged just opposite of Sg Nibong bus terminal. The visit is part of our assignment for Public Health for Pharmacy. I would say, this is much better than cocooning ourselves in the room and study whole day. However, it feels strange to find myself in such a place filled with old people. The manager gave us an overview of the nursing home. We had to return next week to meet our "foster parent" (every group will be assigned one elderly as our foster parent).

Later some of us went to QB. Had Kim Gary for lunch - not bad. Strolled around QB and bought a pair of pants from Padini as well as stock up my moisturiser and hand cream from Guardian. Watched 恋爱通告, starring Lee Hom and Liu Yi Fei. Du Ming Han (Lee Hom) bumped into Song Xiaoqing (Liu Yi Fei) in a minor accident, and he was so awed with her guzheng and music that he enrolled into her music school along with his friend just to know her. Both of them disguised themselves as orang kampung from Nail Village LOL. Over there DMH fell in love with Chinese music and, of course, Song Xiaoqing. DMH saved the School's 民乐系 and got together with Xiaoqing yay happy ending.

The storyline is just so-so. Very predictable plot, American-style humour. Lee Hom is handsome like usual, nothing special about it. However I totally LOVE the music in the movie! It's totally heartmelting - and I never knew Erhu can be this charming! Oh, you should see how DMH & Friend enroll themselves into the course. Totally hilarious.

It feels like Sunday today. I'm so afraid of the arrival of Monday. But tomorrow is just Sunday, so my worries are unnecessary.



Ban Hing said...

Today just 22/8 wo... y ur post seems like the event already passed de?

Jeen said...

Yea, I desperately need a CAMERA too after I lost my N95!

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