Friday, August 13, 2010



I wanted to go to the bazaar just outside of my hostel, and I met SM, her room mate YeeC and another jazz band guy at the cafe, and in the end SM, YeeC and I went to the bazaar. Prior to that we joined ICU (I See U; I Care U; I. Community. Universe; The Earth is in ICU now), an activity held by the PUCS (Penang Undergraduate Community Service) and Kampus Sejahtera, promoting the use of own containers and discourage the use of white coffin (polystyrene) and plastic bags! We froze for 3 minutes lol.

The bazaar is very small, about a short street length. And the foods sold are very limited in terms of variety. Mostly kuihs, kebabs, murtabaks, burgers, drinks, etc., but very few stalls actually sell rice. And of those which do sell rice, it's mostly chicken rice and nasi melayu. I've only spotted one stall selling nasi kerabu!

I find it strange that chicken costs more than beef o_O

There should be a meteor shower now but I see none; and it's raining now!

Last night I went to 理华社服例常 (USM Persatuan Bahasa Tiong Hua community service meeting), and there was this senior who asked me what school I am from. I told her I'm from Pharmacy, and she was sort of surprised, adding that Pharmacy school students seldom come out from their school and mix around.

And today as I sat together with the Chemistry school people and they knew I'm from Pharmacy school, they were like, "Pharmacy school students are very isolated. They do everything in their own school, and search for their own partners (lol) in their own school. But they are very united."

Isolation, united, is that a good thing? It doesn't sound like uni life at all! :S

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