Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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It was S&J Night for us Pharmacy students - Senior & Junior Night. A week prior to that all juniors were given a piece of paper with our direct senior's description, and we were required to guess our direct seniors. The clues given to me were very straightforward, but I still took a very, very long time to search for my senior!

A slideshow was played, showing the photos and names of the 2nd Year seniors. I got the name of my direct senior, but it took me a very, very long time to search for her as she had sunglasses on in the photo shown on the slideshow.

I sang Heal the World because or else she wouldn't want to adopt me lol.

YK is from Seremban and was from Kuala Pilah matriculation. She introduced me to 3 of her direct seniors (my Super Senior), and told me there is another Super Super Senior. This "family" of us will be having a family dinner in (insert venue here). The idea of a family dinner is so cute! :P

JL's senior is the senior I met in Jazz Band. Apparently A is so committed to the Band, that after he has adopted his juniors (which is after their 甜蜜蜜 lol) he fled to Bilik 1.1, leaving both his juniors with his seniors (the juniors' Super Seniors). According to YK, A is sometimes "lost" in Pharmacy.


For FAR151 (Statistics for Pharmacy) we were given an assignment: to write an essay on the databases available for literature search in pharmacy, cuz we don't know the databases available / we didn't pay attention to the lecture lol.

We're gonna have lab tomorrow afternoon - microbiology! And we'll come back with rainbow-coloured fingers :)


Medical check-up was surprisingly quick - I bet us queuing up itself takes longer time than the check-up lol. My blood pressure was slightly lower, and my weight is still the same lol. (I'll bet I'll grow a little rounder when I get back home... *gasp)


My table is so messy right now. I have a few laundry to settle in the morning. I'm almost out of H2O again. Should I buy books now or later? NUS is still ignoring me :S You can't access to YouTube or even download torrents here!!!! August Rush's soundtrack is so so so so beautiful how can I NOT download the soundtrack! The connection is so damn super slow at night, but resumes to its normal speed after 1am. Guess what time it is right now. Good night.

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