Saturday, July 10, 2010


Okay where should I start.

NUS still ignores my stalk. Yes I stalk almost everyday. You can NEVER imagine how distress I was to be without internet access the first few days :(

As for Penang. Well. I've been treated well. Still don't seem to lose the weight I've gained in the holidays lol.

Orientation week was busybusybusy. Insufficient sleep leads to the grand return of undereye rings. I don't think my hands are as smooth as they used to be sigh.

My course is super pack. I have to complete 143 units in 4 years, with all 4 years almost full units. Which means I don't have the chance to take free language course sighsighsigh :( However I did manage to squeeze in Jazz Band so I'm still happy :) We had a session with our lecturers, they all seem okay, with the Dean being so charming and speaks in a wonderful accented English. One of my interviewers actually still remembers me lol!

Roomie JL is from Terengganu and is almost a month older than me hahaha. We toured about 1/2 the campus yesterday, stopping in Faculty of Industrial Technology due to the heavy rain, and later proceeded to Hamzah Sendut I library to sign up for the OPAC KRISALIS course, which teaches on how to use the system to search for books. The library doesn't seem big, but the materials are interesting. Do you know they offer Inter-Library Loan System, where you can borrow from any public universities in the country OMG that's so cool? Later we looked for Room 1.1 where the Jazz Band meeting is held, and in Faculty of Arts we spotted photocopy centres >:)

Today we went to the Recreational Park for exploration, and had durian and rambutan :) Later JL and I went outside the campus to hang around the shops near our hostel. And we ended up grocery shopping XD

Tomorrow it's some session on increase our understanding in getting used to university life, study and all. And on Monday my class officially starts CAN'T WAIT.

I was on FB when an online friend chatted with me. YZ is now studying Pure Physics in - guess where - USM. If that wasn't shocking enough, he actually has met me OMG.

This is how the mushroom hair looks like:
Cute right.

And I brought Win Zee along hehehe :)

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