Friday, July 23, 2010

Fan speed 5, humid humid air

I will not be going to camp tomorrow. Why?

Kononnya Jazz Band telah tukar my session to this weekend. Okay fine, that means less time for me to relax, less sleep. Mana tau the session for this week is full, and the only way is to postpone to next week. And for next week there is this music camp, which means I'm unable to attend the camp and have to instead go to some ceramahs and sleep OMG I AM SO SO SO GERAM I COULD'VE JUST BARGE INTO THE DOOR OF BILIK 1.1 AND SCREAM LIKE A BANSHEE but of course I remain my sweet self, but the half-passion is already gone.

That means I lose out the chance to meet other people, get myself dirty, camp outdoors wtf. THAT'S SO IRRESPONSIBLE OF THEM IS THIS HOW HUMANS ARE SUPPOSED TO FUNCTION??!!!

When I look at the passion that is shown on their faces and in their action, I envy them. I don't have anything I am passionately passionate about, and that makes me feel so empty. I don't even know why I choose to study Pharmacy instead of Psychology wtf.

It has been 3 weeks I guess. Smiling doesn't mean anything. I adapt to new surroundings easily, but only physically. I just want to sit at the corner and blank out.

Class starts at 8 tomorrow. I don't feel like sleeping. I think Gmail is blocked wtf *&^&^%%$#@#%

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